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S6E9: Joanna McDaniel Burkey - From CISO to the Boardroom

S6E9: Joanna McDaniel Burkey - From CISO to the Boardroom

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- First off, you have an incredible background evolving from software engineer to management roles and ultimately a CISO for some of the industry leading organizations such as Siemen's and HP. I would love to hear about that journey and how you found yourself ultimately becoming an industry leading CISO along the way. 

- How do you think the CISO role has changed over the years? We're hearing more about speaking the language of the business, potential legal liability, new SEC rules and more. What is your perspective on the current challenges and evolution of the CISO role?

- You're now out of the CISO seat but still active in the community, serving in various director roles, including with publicly traded companies I believe. We've long heard some state that CISO's would make great board members and bring a long-needed perspective on cyber risk. How has it been transitioning out of the CISO role and into Director type roles?

- Many CISO's and cybersecurity leaders now want to pursue a similar path, looking for advisory and board roles with firms and so on. Can you provide some guidance and tips for those looking to do something similar? 

- I noticed you also have some advisory roles in addition to Director roles. Can you draw a distinction between the two roles for listeners, and what to consider when pursuing one or the other, so folks better understand the potential pathways?

- Knowing you've had such an amazing career and are still so passionate about the community and giving back, what are some of the key recommendations you have for both those aspiring to advance their career in cyber and eventually become a CISO, or beyond that, move into board level and advisory roles? What skillsets and expertise should they be focused on the most?

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Resilient Cyber
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