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S6E20: Joe McCaffrey - Securing the Digital Arsenal of Democracy

S6E20: Joe McCaffrey - Securing the Digital Arsenal of Democracy

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- First off, for folks that don't know you, can you tell us a bit about your current role and background?

- On that same note, can you tell the audience a bit about Anduril, the mission of the organization and some of the current initiatives it is working on?

- What are some of the biggest challenges of being a new entrant in a space such as the DoD, which has longstanding system integrators and large prime contractors who have deep relationships, industry expertise/experience and so on?

- I know you're passionate about the ATO process. What are your thoughts on how it stands currently and the impact it has on both new entrants, as well as impacting the ability to get innovative capabilities into the hands of warfighters and mission owners?


- We know your organization is looking to bring innovative commercial technologies into Defense, what are some of the challenges there beyond the ATO aspect?

- Outside of the technical aspect, we know the DoD and Federal space have longstanding challenges with attracting and retaining technical talent. How does that impact your abilities to be effective in this space with your Government peers, and additionally, how does Anduril navigate that when looking to attract modern digital talent to a space like Defense?

- Many are now arguing that cybersecurity is a domain of warfare and we're seeing the use of phrases such as "Software-Defined Warfare" by organizations such as The Atlantic Council. How important do you think modern digital capabilities are to national security and why?

- DevSecOps thoughts

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