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S6E16: Alon Schindel - Cloud Threats and Cloud Security Platforms

S6E16: Alon Schindel - Cloud Threats and Cloud Security Platforms

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- You recently presented at Wiz's MisCONfigured at RSA, where you covered some of the most relevant cloud threats and risks, can you touch on what some of those are?

- We know Wiz just announced a massive capital raise and there's been talks about M&A plans for Wiz, I know you help with looking at potential products/firms - what are some key things you look at?

- When you acquire a new product and team, how does it look to ensure there is a smooth integration with the Wiz team and platform?

- There's a bit of debate in the industry around "platforms" and best of breed. How do you/Wiz think about this approach and how do you ensure as you add new products to the platform that you remain a leader in the space?

- We've heard a lot of talk about AI and its implications both for improving security, but also needing to be secured, how do you and Wiz think of AI when it comes to cybersecurity and where do you see the most promise?

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