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S6E15: John Hammond - Cybersecurity Industry Trend Analysis & Content Creation

S6E15: John Hammond - Cybersecurity Industry Trend Analysis & Content Creation

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  • First off, for folks not familiar with you and your background, can you tell us a little bit about your career and how you got to where you are now?

  • 1.2M followers on YouTube and 250,000 on LI, how did you get into content creation originally?

  • How did you navigate what resonated with your audience and hone that in over the years and has it changed across platforms?

  • You have videos and content dating over a decade old, before the curation of “Content Creators” in cybersecurity. What led you down that path, and what do you think some folks who look to get into content creation get wrong?

  • You produce an incredible amount of technical content as well, have you had to tailor it at all to align with your massive audience, or do you just do your thing and folks gravitate towards it as they see fit?

  • Pivoting a bit from content, there is obviously a lot of activity and trends underway in our ecosystem. Let's touch on some of those. 

  • First up is the SEC ruling around incident disclosure and documents such as 8K’s and 10K’s, what are your thoughts on the rules and their implications?

  • I believe you’ve spoken about nation state hacking and presence in critical infrastructure if I’m not mistaken, do you see cybersecurity playing an outsized role in future conflicts?

  • Given how technical you are, what are some of the latest tools and technologies that have you the most excited, and what are some you think may be overhyped?

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