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S6E13: Bryson Bort - Cybersecurity and the Entrepreneurship Journey

S6E13: Bryson Bort - Cybersecurity and the Entrepreneurship Journey

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- First off, for folks not familiar with your background can you tell us a bit about your background from your journey in your earlier IT/Cyber and military time to eventually being a Founder and CEO?

- What made you decide to take that leap and found not just one, but two cybersecurity companies, moving from being a practitioner?

- What did you find to be some of the biggest challenges when transitioning from practitioner to business owner?

- Have you had to navigate working on versus in the business, and what has that looked like for you?

- For some aspiring cyber professionals with goals to found a company someday, what would be some of your key pieces of advice?

- I know you're also very passionate about the veteran community in cyber, why do you think veterans make up such a share of our community and often make some of the best cyber practitioners?

Resilient Cyber
Resilient Cyber
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