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S6E12: Matt Nelson & David Cantrell - BESPIN Software Factory - Innovating at the Edge

S6E12: Matt Nelson & David Cantrell - BESPIN Software Factory - Innovating at the Edge

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  2. Can you each tell us a bit about your background, before we dive in?

  3. For those not in the DoD or familiar with the term, what is a “Software Factory”?

  4. What is BESPIN?

  5. What is the current state of mobile security within the DoD?

  6. Why do you think there’s such a delay in maturing policy, process and pathways for mobile in DoD, given the big emphasis the last several years of “edge”, along with the rapid growth of the remote workforce and so on?

  7. Are there any official mobile app sec requirements? 

  8. Can you tell us a bit about what tools and methodologies you all use to secure the mobile-centric applications you all deliver?

  9. Most know that in DoD and Federal there are also a lot of compliance rigor and hurdles to deal with. How has that experience been for a program doing something a bit different from most software factories?

  10. Since there are no official mobile requirements you kind of get a second mover advantage, how can you take lessons learned from the Cloud Computing SRGs and apply that to mobile? 

  11. Can you help our audience understand the importance of secure mobile capabilities for the Airman and warfighter? We know the modern way of fighting looks much different and mobile is a key part of that, whether simply supporting Airman on a form of compute they grew up using, all the way to those on the forward edge, engaging against adversaries, including in the digital domain.

Resilient Cyber
Resilient Cyber
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