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S4E14: Josh Reiter - U.S. Navy Workforce and Cyber Superiority

S4E14: Josh Reiter - U.S. Navy Workforce and Cyber Superiority

Chris: Can you tell us a bit about your background and what the role of the Deputy Principal Cyber Advisor does?

Nikki: When we talk about workforce challenges, I think about the types of skills that someone is looking for in a cyber program. What types of skills do you look for in hiring and what kinds of skills do we still need in the cyber profession? 

Chris: We know you've been focused heavily on the Cybersecurity workforce for DoN.  In our discussions of digital modernization, the focus is often on tech, such as cloud, zero trust, etc. Why do you think the people or workforce aspect is so often overlooked?

 Nikki: What do you think about the value of education and certifications when it comes to hiring and retaining cybersecurity professionals? Whether it's an analyst or an engineer, there is a lot of back and forth in the industry on whether certifications should be required or if it may be limiting the talent pool 

 Nikki: I saw you posted recently about North Dakota requiring cybersecurity education in schools - how critical do you think this is for K-12? As a mom this is something I think about all the time 

Chris: Can you tell us a bit about the DoN's approach to modernizing the workforce around cybersecurity?

Chris: There's been some buzz around the DoN's Cyberspace Superiority Vision, what exactly does that entail?

Nikki: I have the opportunity to teach my kids but what about all the other children without parents in cybersecurity? 

 Nikki: One of the other interesting articles that came out recently was around the potential change in cybersecurity leadership we'll be seeing in the next few years. Do you foresee some of these leaders leaving the industry and what kind of effect do you think it will have on the industry? 

Chris: We know there's rumbles of an upcoming DoN Cyber Strategy. We recently saw the release of the National Cyber Strategy. How will the DoN strategy build on that and what are the synergies between the two?

 Nikki: What does cyber resiliency mean to you?

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