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S4E12: Kristin Saling - U.S. Army Workforce Modernization & Analytics

S4E12: Kristin Saling - U.S. Army Workforce Modernization & Analytics

Nikki - First - tell me a little bit about yourself and your background 

 Nikki - You have a ton of experience with the Army, can you talk a little bit about what you like most about working with the military and specifically in HR? 

Chris - We hear a lot about digital transformation in the DoD, Cloud, Cyber, Zero Trust, and so on - but how critical do you think the workforce is to make all of these transformation efforts successful 

Chris - We know the DoD has historically struggled to attract and retain technical talent. What specific changes do you think are needed to help resolve this challenge and do you think we're making any headway there?

 Nikki - One of your previous roles was Deputy Director of People Analytics, I've not heard much about this role before and I'm interested what that type of position entails and what that means to the people in an organization? 

 Nikki - I want to talk to you about health, fitness, and wellness when it comes to IT and cybersecurity positions. There is a ton of research around the burnout and stress that technical positions carry - what can we do to help our technical teams? 

Chris - I have seen you posting and speaking about the role AI is playing in assigning resources, assistance and leadership to various Army cohorts, what are your thoughts on the role AI is and will play in your area of expertise?

Chris - I believe there has been a new Army vision for the future of talent management, can you tell us a bit about that and what it entails?

 Nikki - Can you talk about the integration of AI/ML into both HR and administrative functions? I could see how beneficial it would be and free up some cycles to focus on the people and their wellbeing. 

Nikki - Can you talk about some of the other innovation in the HR space?

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