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Resilient Cyber
S3E8: Maril Vernon - Purple Teaming & Personal Branding

S3E8: Maril Vernon - Purple Teaming & Personal Branding

  • Chris - Lets start off with discussing what is Purple Teaming exactly, and what is it not?

  • Nikki - The industry can be somewhat siloed between job roles, and purple teaming really breaks down those barriers - do you see purple teaming being adopted more in the industry? Or do you think that too many industry experts hold too closely to their areas of expertise? 

  • Chris - People often conflate Red Teaming, Pen Testing and Purple Teaming - how do we help clear up that confusion?

  •  Nikki - Purple teaming is supposed to be an iterative continuous process between red teams and blue teams. Do you feel like this continuous flow of information should be consistent between the teams? Do you feel like there is more value in one direction versus another? 

  •  Nikki - The purple team concept is centered around blue teams and red teams, but this type of iterative and cooperative concept could be applied outside of red teamers and network defenders. Do you see value between using this type of cooperation between security assessment and audit teams and network defense teams?

  • Chris: You've been someone I have watched who has been really effective at personal branding through platforms like LI. Can you discuss how you approach that and why it is valuable?

  • Chris: For those looking to get into Purple Teaming or more broadly OffSec or even Blue Team, what are some of your primary recommendations resource wise for learning?