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Resilient Cyber
S3E10: Magno Logan - Container & Kubernetes Security

S3E10: Magno Logan - Container & Kubernetes Security

- First off, for those not familiar with Containers and Kubernetes, what are they?

- Why are organizations increasingly adopting these technologies over traditional forms of compute?

- How does Cybersecurity change with Kubernetes and what are some things practitioners should be sure to keep an eye on?

- When organizations are adopting Kubernetes they often are faced with options such as rolling their own or using managed Kubernetes offerings, any thoughts there?

- I recently read a report that researchers found 380,000 publicly exposed Kubernetes API servers, do you think people simply are spinning up these new technologies with security as an afterthought?

- Kubernetes is incredibly complex, do you think this leads to challenges around properly configuring and securing it?

- Any thoughts on software supply chain security as it relates to Kubernetes and Containers?

- For those looking to learn more about Kubernetes and Container Security, do you have any recommended resources?