Resilient Cyber
Resilient Cyber
S3E1: Bob Zukis - Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

S3E1: Bob Zukis - Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

Chris: So let's start with how we've gotten here. With digital systems accounting for 60% of global GDP, how do we still not have requirements or adoption of cyber expertise on public board?

Nikki: You mention in your article about the SEC mandating cyber leadership into board rooms - do you think that the type of experience expected on boards should be geared specifically to risk management, or a mix of highly technical and governance experience?

Chris: For those looking to fill some of those upcoming board opportunities, what recommendations do you have?

Nikki: For your book the Great Reboot - you recommend that not only leadership but employees read it as well - do you think there's a gap in knowledge or maybe awareness of how risk impacts the business from a practitioner level? Would you encourage junior and senior personnel to read this book?

Chris: On the flip side, for boards and publicly traded companies looking to bring cyber expertise into the fold, what competencies and skills should they be looking for? Where do they start?

Nikki: Risk is bigger than one vulnerability or one misconfiguration but can have a number of definitions - how do you define risk management and do you think there's a need to define 'risk' more aptly in organizations?

Chris: You often speak about systemic risk. Do you think the modern digitally driven economy and ecosystem is inherently insecure and vulnerable?