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S2E7: Rock Lambros - Cybersecurity, Business & The Evolution of The CISO

S2E7: Rock Lambros - Cybersecurity, Business & The Evolution of The CISO

Chris - You have a book coming out titled The CISO Evolution - Business Knowledge for Cybersecurity Executives. How critical do you think it is for CISO's to understand the business, and how do they balance their technical skills with business acumen?

Nikki - I see you've posted several videos on LinkedIn - my favorite so far is the "paralysis-by-analysis" concept. We've discussed before cognitive limitations and just how much data we could actually put into our decision making when it comes to risk. Where do you think the sweet spot is with amount of data vs quality of data?

Chris - You and I participated in the Qualified Technical Expert course from Bob Zukis together. Do you think we will see boards required to obtain QTE's and why do you think boards lack technical fluency now, when so much of GDP and business is tied to technology?

Nikki - You spoke at the SANS Cybersecurity Leadership Summit on Translating cyber risk into business risk. What would you say are the biggest takeaways for practitioners to be able to explain and express risk properly to improve security and hopefully, lower risk across the organization?

Chris - Do you think Cybersecurity is a business enabler? If so, how do we as cyber professionals help the business view Cybersecurity as an enabler and protecting of revenue?

Chris - Do you have any recommendations for Cybersecurity professionals looking to transition into a CISO role in the future? Any key business books or resources to familiarize themselves with?

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