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Resilient Cyber
S2E16: Dr. Nagi Mei - Drone Security, Forensics and Regulation

S2E16: Dr. Nagi Mei - Drone Security, Forensics and Regulation

Nikki - Please tell us a little bit about your dissertation and why you felt like drone forensics needed further research?

Chris - We know you have a Doctorate where your focus was UAV systems forensics framework. My background is largely with DoD which is increasingly embracing UAV/Drones etc. Are there any major security concerns a community like that should consider as they embrace these technologies?

Nikki - Do you feel like there is still a need to create more comprehensive policies and frameworks around drone forensics?

Chris - I noticed you also have an MBA in addition to your massive technical expertise and background. Does the business context help you in your various roles?

Nikki - Do you see a need for Incident Response frameworks for drones as well? What if they're hacked during missions or when out in the field?

Chris - You're involved in quite a bit of non-profit and volunteer groups such as ISSA, Krypto Kids and more. Why do you feel it is important to stay involved in these groups and the how do you feel it helps our broader Cyber community to have groups like these?

Nikki - Where do you see the future of research around drones and how they will affect our current cybersecurity practices?

Nikki - What does cyber resiliency mean to you, and specifically in the growing field of drones and drone research?