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Resilient Cyber Podcast - Episode 19 - Richard Seiersen - CISO / Author

Resilient Cyber Podcast - Episode 19 - Richard Seiersen - CISO / Author

  • Could you provide some advice for anyone who may want to be a CISO - or even provide some guidance for how and why someone may want to be a CISO? 

  • You've written a book called "How to Measure Risk with Anything" - could you maybe provide some advice to cybersecurity professionals who have a topic in mind and want to write a book of their own? 

  •  With your vast knowledge and experience in cybersecurity leadership - can you give us an example of some of the major challenges or roadblocks you've seen in maturing a cybersecurity program?

  • You're currently the CISO and Co-Founder at Soluble which focuses on GitOps Security Testing. For those not familiar with it, What is GitOps? Why is this sort of testing valuable? Any thoughts on Compliance-as-Code?

  • How is it working as a CISO at a SaaS/Startup compared to some of your previous roles such as Kaiser Permanente and GE Healthcare?

  • Do you feel that Cloud presents new challenges for CISO's? If so, how? Any major recommendations for CISO's looking to get a handle on Cloud Security?

  •  What does Cyber Resilient mean to you?